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Dress code for work from home


You must be thinking that if I am at home, can I not just follow my own rules, we can only pray it was that simple. You must be aware by now that “your house is now your new office”, but is it that simple, do you treat your house as your office, is it even possible. 

If you can, you are already there but if not, this article is for you. While working from the comfort of our home, sometimes the boundary between your working time and your time starts to blur. You may notice that you no longer feel as comfortable by working from home as before, the reason is simple, stress. 

There are many blogs on our website that introduce you to stress, so here we will focus more on why this stress is being introduced in your work from home environment. You can easily counter this by dressing appropriately by dressing professionally.

Importance of dressing in Lockdown

While it is okay to occasionally wear pajamas to your work( not your office!!). Trying to maintain a professional look always helps you to maintain your work efficiency. It also saves you from embarrassment, as you would not like your senior to see your casual look. According to various research, professional clothing has been known to provide a more focused and efficient work environment. 

It allows you to look confident and comfortable. Being comfortable is really important to maintain work efficiency. It is not just about you, your fellow workers might also feel awkward seeing in casual clothing, as it is not common(at least not in new colleagues.

You also want your sincerity to your boss, it is a good idea to impress him/her using your work, but even better you can show your sincerity by looking professional using office clothing.

Advantages of professional dressing in Lockdown

Professional look

Office dressing or professional dressing as the name suggests provides a professional look to you. As an example, suppose a salesperson in casual clothes tries to persuade you to buy a product. Now, a well-groomed and well-clothed man asks you the same thing. Who are you most likely to trust, the answer is obvious right. The one with office clothing. These clothes have been known to increase trust in customers and potential clients.

Keeps you stress-free

Allowing you to change your clothes allows you to change your mood. Changing into casuals form office wear can allow you to leave unnecessary stress behind. Who wants stress, this whole article is based on how to reduce stress. We are trying to mimic the office environment here, so it is important to try whatever you can.

Allow you to be focused

Being focused is the most important aspect of one’s work. Try to increase your attentiveness by wearing office clothes. Why, because they are designed to do this. Yes, the sole purpose of these clothes is to increase your attention. Every time you visit your office you wear these clothes. It was an integral part of your office. So, while creating a virtual office at your home, how can you forget them.

Sets up a work environment

Setting up a working apartment is essentially the most important part of work from home, to remove all distractions and work solely on your work. In short, words to create an environment similar to your office will prove extremely beneficial to your work efficiency. Office clothing really helps with this, as they remind you of your office days. 

Why do we Feel Stress in WFH? 

Arguably, the first point is that we cannot set a schedule to manage both our working hours and our family time. So, we must work during the day and rest completely at night, No this will not work at all. We will get to this point later.

Second, we try to stay in the comfort of our home too much, people tend to rest when they want, eat when they want, use social media for more than an hour, it happens to all of us.

Third, and the most important one, we are becoming socially isolated, by not meeting our work friends, not going out to eat sometimes, staying on the couch all day. It may feel great at first, but slowly, day by day, you will start to feel frustrated about it.

How to Take Care of this Stress

Believe it or not, the first and the only solution is to set new boundaries, make a new schedule that allows you to provide optimum time to both your work and your family.

Here are some points to keep in mind while creating your new schedule. 

It keeps stress at bay

Wearing office clothing allows you to separate work and rest, it is a good idea as you remove your stress along with your office clothing. Being stress-free is a good idea for everyone.

Importance of a separate space for work

Setting up a personal office in your house allows you to be more focused on work. It will also allow you to leave your stress in the office and return to your home environment being stress-free.

Try to get in touch with your colleagues before-hand

Getting in touch with your colleagues is as important as work. We are social animals, it is our innate tendency to get in touch with others. Meeting new people and meeting old ones is important to maintain stress levels too. It will also allow you to get more comfortable with them. You could also ask them how they control their stress levels or any other technical question also. As a team, you people should be well introduced to each other to perform in an efficient manner. ]

Do not step out

If you do not have office clothing at disposal, It is not advised to go out to buy as it could be dangerous for your family too. Try to incorporate other things available to you to create a better work environment. If it is an absolute necessity only then should you go out? You could also try to order your clothing online and make sure they follow all safety protocols. 

Helps in distinguishing between work and rest

Setting up a boundary between work and home is equally important. Ignoring this point can cause some major issues. It is advisable to set up a timetable that allows you to rest when required and work when required. Mixing in work and family time will disturb your sleep-wake cycle and cause a build-up of extreme levels of stress. Also, try to reduce screen exposure before bedtime. The blue light that is emitted by mobile phones and laptops can disturb our sleep. So, unless you want to feel sleepy during office work, it is better to take a good night’s sleep. And be refreshed for the morning.

An important advice

Along with office clothing, it is equally important that you also buy all necessary equipment beforehand and test it at least once. To avoid any last time problems, preparation is necessary. Make sure you can allocate an area of your office to office work to create a better environment. Also do not forget to spend time with your family or friends.

Must-Have Accessories to Aid WFH

1. Tarkan Foldable Laptop Desk

If you love to sit on the bed and work, a laptop desk helps you be comfortable while helping you maintain the right posture. This one is a smart black desk with protective corners and cushioned legs. It is made with engineered wood and is set at a perfect height that elevates the laptop screen to your eye level so that you do not strain your back and neck while working. It is sturdy, spacious, and comes with a tablet holder slot. The anti-slip rubber at the bottom ensures it stays in place and does not slide with the bedsheet.

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2.Tidy Up! Wire Bin

While you work, you need the space to be perfectly organized and clutter-free. Even when you keep all your stationery in place, laptop chargers, USB hubs and cables can make your table look disorganized. Gift yourself this black wire bin and declutter your space. This is a cable box that encloses chargers, cables and wires, all types of AC adapters, and more. It is made with lightweight ABS material that provides insulation. The design is sleek and efficient with contoured slots on either side of the bin so that the cables can easily reach the plug points. It is a highly portable bin that can be kept in any place with 4 or 5 wire-connected devices.

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3. ELV Desktop Cell Phone Stand

This amazingly designed cell phone stand is set at a perfect angle so that the users can comfortably have video calls or watch movies while resting in a chair. The hooks at the bottom hold the phone perfectly to let you put it on charging and continue working. The design in simple, edgy and best suited for horizontally placed tablets and phones to ensure better stability.

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4. Savya Home Office Chair

A chair that does not hurt the back and provides utmost comfort while you work for such long office duration is the need of the hour. This office chair has been thoughtfully engineered to keep neck and back pain away. The perfectly angled armrests allow you to keep a straight posture for long. The mesh at the back prevents sweating while the umbrella-shaped base and a thick padded seat keep you absolutely comfortable.

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5. TP-Link Wireless Range Extender

When you are working from home, you may want to sit in your garden and work but weak internet can be a dampener. Get this wireless range extender to boost your internet speed and make the signal reach every corner of the house. It has an ethernet port that enables the range extender to work as a wireless adapter.

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6. Spacecrafts Folding Computer Table

This foldable computer table can be easily placed in any corner of the house – it takes minimal space but offers enough to adjust all your work-related stuff on it. It can be quickly folded after use and is thus more suitable for smaller homes. It is made of pre-laminated engineered wood, so it is quite sturdy. The design is quite simple, there’s the main table top and a small rack underneath to keep your essentials.

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It is okay to feel a little bit of stress, but do not let it control you. Allow your mind to rest and next thing you know, you can now influence your stress levels. Office clothing is known to make you more comfortable and efficient for office work. So, the next time you are working try to get some professional clothes and watch the efficiency of your office work improve.